Global Radio Presentation

Global radio is a media company based in London, which consists of the following radio stations:

  • Heart

More music variety

Heart is the U.K’s biggest radio station brand, gaining a loyal following from it’s target audience (mom’s). Heart first started in London in 1994, nowadays it has 17 stations across the U.K with 7.5 million listeners.  These stations all network together so that everybody gets the same play out. This will change for breakfast time, where each station will have it’s own tailor made breakfast presenters, specifically for that city. This will give the station a more homely feel, but still retain the national feel throughout other parts of the day. Heart claim that they only have A listers on the show, to keep the high quality of their station. Here is a map of all the areas Heart broadcast out to:

  • Capital

The U.K’s number 1 hit music station

Capital has the proud title of being the u.k’s first national hit radio station brand. It reaches 7 million listeners with it’s catchment area. As the slogan suggests Capital play the top hits, making it a very up to date radio station. They target 15- 34 year olds. Here is a map of the areas Capital broadcast out to:

  •  LBC

London’s biggest conversation

LBC is purely a conversational based radio station, meaning no music, and it manages to reach 1.1 million listeners. The station revolves around the listeners probably even more so than any other station, because they’re needed to arise discussion and debate. The station aims to get opinions out there as much as possible. It’s target audience is around the age of 30+, and people who are highly socialable and conversational. Here is a map of where LBC broadcast out to:

  • Classic FM

Classical Fm strive towards creating a peacefuil environment, where people can tune in to unwind and relax. On their website they  claim that they ”want to make classical music a part of everybody’s life, regardless of age or background”, however, they preferably try and target those who are 40+, as this is the age when you are most able to relax. Classic fm seems to be quite popular with over 4.5 million listeners. On the map below you can see that Classic FM broadcast out to the whole of the U.K

  • Gold

Playing the greatest hits of all time, all day long

Gold focus on playing memorable artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie, Elvis Presley and The Beach Boys. Gold focus on working through the generations playing people the origins of music. It plays across 25 areas and has over 1.5 millions listeners. Here is a map of the areas that they broadcast out to:

  • Choice

This is London’s choice for current and future urban hits

Choice is one of the smaller radio stations Global radio offers, however it still reaches 778,000. Choice focuses on being up to date and friendly. Here is a diagram of their audience profiling:

  • XFM

The world famous Xfm

With passionate presenters Xfm offers rock music non stop. It reaches 1 million listeners. A typical listener will be opinion forming, quite young (their target audience is 15-34) gig goer individual. Here is a map of all the listeners Xfm receive:

Global radio boasts 20 million listeners and 33 locations across the U.K. Catering for the most popular genres is obviously proving effective for them.  We were lucky enough to grab an interview with Paul Gerrard and the editor. We used this interview for our presnetation.

These are the questions we presented global with:

Global Q $ A

Here is the radio show with Paul Gerrard from Global Radio:


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